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The Full Story

I was born in '61, if someone had just laid down the odd case of Chateau Latour... I think it cost a couple of pounds at the time!  I don't come from a wine drinking family, but my dad fell upon it by mistake when I was as a student and I have loved wine, its places, people, stories and history ever since.  In 1991 I moved to France, not a bad place for a wine lover, and married Kathy (later) who used to work in guess what, the wine trade.  I have always enjoyed writing, (mainly on travel and fly-fishing), and have no links to the wine trade, but in 2020 retired (rather early) from the insurance/oil business and friends and family encouraged me to write about my passion for all things wine.  All comments, opinions and tastes are purely personal.  The idea is not to instruct, pontificate or make money, just to write for fun, and, I hope, the reader's pleasure.  So here you go...

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