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Barolo view from Monforte to the Alps


Naturally Curious

An independent blog based on 40 years of love of wine, stories, travels and tasting.  Nothing professional, nothing expert, just pleasure and, I hope, good taste.  Read on, and enjoy.  Subscription is free.

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Becky & Freddie - Rockstars of Burgundy

Sadly, I have never had the chance to meet these two stars of the Burgundian firmament. I have met the son of the first, and have a CD...

A Chardonnay Pilgrimage on Two Wheels

Burgundy. The blessed slope with more history, vaunted terroir, heritage, pricing and words than any other wine district on earth. And as...

Gazin - Pilgrims, Young and Old

I have noticed on Instagram that there is almost an obsession with ancient bottles with crumbling corks and rotting labels. Time and...

Haut Brion - the Quintessential Bordeaux

Haut Brion. It is perhaps the wine I most love to hate or is it I most hate to love? For me it encapsulates everything that is best about...

Cool California, 1976 and all that...

1976. I was a school kid in England, and I can still remember the cricket pitch going from lush green to a faded fatigue to frazzled...

Argentina - Up, Up and Away!

When I first flew down to Buenos Aires, on business, in the late 90’s it was a very different world. The peso was still pegged to the US$...

Barolo, La Morra and Art

It’s not often that we talk about art in the wine world unless it be the art of the winemaker, or the various domaines that hire an...

Felsina - Religious Reverence in Chianti

Castelnuovo Beradegna. It sits perched on top of a hill, the last outpost of Chianti on the southern border looking towards Siena and the...

Nittardi, Michelangelo and Papal Nectar

It’s pouring with rain, a howling gale, branches down everywhere, bins blown over and anyway if you go out you get arrested, fined or...

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